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November German courses @ Berlino Schule

  Learning German might be very discouraging and daunting at first due to its complicated grammar and very strict rules. Having a good teacher and being in the right learning environment is fundamental, and for this reason you should trust the right people and means: after the success of its Summer School, Berlino Schule opens […]

10 German words known and used worldwide

German: not such a foreign language after all. As everyone is aware of, German is not an easy language to learn. Whoever wishes to embark on such an adventure faces a complex grammar, three different genres of gender (masculine, feminine and neutral), along with lengthy words and unfamiliar sounds. To facilitate the learning the process […]

Peculiar words that made it into Duden’s 27th edition, the major reference dictionary of German language

The renowned dictionary for German language Duden, published for the first time in 1880 by Konrand Duden, recently printed its 27th edition. This new publication covers and analyses extensively all the aspects of the German lexicon, including but not only, the grammar, spelling and synonyms. The peculiarity of the new publication stands in its introduction […]

Intensive, evening, conversation and Skype classes: Berlino Schule’s German courses from September 2017

A wide range of German courses are starting at Berlino Schule: intensive, evening and conversation classes. Of course it’s also possible to book private and Skype lessons. Berlino Schule presents its 2017/2018 program of German courses, that is to say from September 2017 to May 2018. There will be many levels and solutions available: morning, afternoon or evening courses, […]

Six concepts that German language can express in only one word

German as a language is well-known for the incredibly vast range of terms along with the great accuracy of its terminology, which often consists of many and difficult compound words; German-speaking people in fact are able to express structured concepts with only one word. Using precise terms which perfectly express moods, feelings and sensations Germans […]

15 concepts that only Germans have

The language can say a lot about the people. And it’s a hard work to make a collection of a language’s unique words which could define the people’s soul. This is what Vanna Vannuccini and Francesca Pedrazzi did, both journalists and Germany experts in the book Piccolo viaggio nell’anima tedesca (Little journey in the German […]

16 signs that you are a master of German language

You attended a German language course. You spent hours doing homework and consulting the vocabulary. You forced yourself to listen to the radio and watching movies in German until collapsing on the keyboard. You abused Tandempartner/innen to have your daily dose of conversation. Well, it was really hard but it was worth it because now […]