13 thoughts that pass your mind when you listen to German and it’s not your first language


Anna Dushime from BuzzFeed Germany wrote a very interesting and funny article about the thoughts that pass your mind when you live in Germany and German is not your first language.

1.In a sentence it is hard to grasp where and when words begin and end

Example: Grund­stücks­ver­kehrs­ge­neh­mi­gungs­zu­stän­dig­keits­über­tra­gungs­ver­ord­nung


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2. Words that, by the way, often appear to have no vowels

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3. Commas can be used concurring to fairly arbitrary rules


4. Genug (Almost) und Genau (Exactly) sound quite similar, but have a very different meaning

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5. Every imperative sentence sounds like a soldier’s order 

6. Entschuldigung is a word that sounds quite aggressive when trying to convey that you are sorry


7. If I have to say that “the pen is on the table”, why should I use two different verbs, liegen and stehen, concurring to whether the object has been placed horizontally or vertically?

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8. Why are certain words spelled in a way and pronounced in a completely different way? I.e. why is geröntgt pronounced geröncht?

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9. Why are definite articles so complicated?


10. And why do Germans insist on being ‘so original’ with certain words?

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11. Although it is one of the languages with most words in the dictionary, to express certain concepts the choice is quite limited…

12. Although you might have live in Germany for several years, I love you (Ich liebe dic) will never have a very loving sound

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13. At least, to express certain desires, German can be very concise and precise

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