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50 steps to become the perfect Berliner

Today we would like to talk about a very special book, How to be German (in 50 easy steps). It is an unpretentious manual whose intention is to transform the reader in a perfect teutonic mutant, with all the merits, tribulations and idiosyncrasies that derive from it. Supported by ironic illustrations for each step it […]

Four German words that have no direct translation

It’s called Found in Translation and it is a very interesting graphic project realized by Anjana Iyer, presented in occasion of the initiative 100 days Project (The repeating of a creative task for 100 consecutive days and recording of each days efforts). At the heart of the illustrations of this graphic designer from New Zealand are words that have a […]

5 TV series that can help you perfect your German

When deciding to learn a new language, the first thing that comes to mind is to find an adequate language course that can ideally fit in our everyday schedule. But what about a good TV series? Lessons are undoubtedly a fundamental point for departure when learning a language, but at times it might not be […]

German? It’s becoming easier, thanks to foreigners. A look on how it’s changing

Linguists call it Kurzdeutsch (abbreviated German) or Kiezdeutsch (German from the neighborhood, a less common denomination) when referring to the variations of the spoken language as opposed to the standardized version found on books and practiced in language classes. Anyone approaching the study of German might have a hard time with the declination of articles, […]