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Cooking like a chef, classes in Berlin held by chefs from Gambero Rosso and Niko Romito’s schools (3 Michelin stars)

A cooking course divided into four meetings of two hours each (dinner included) with the participation of two famous chefs

The course held by Alex Maiorano and Fabio Petrella (they work as chefs for Roma Food), will start on January 22nd at 8 p.m. and it will take place every Tuesday for four meetings (until February 12th). At the end of every class participants will eat what they have cooked. It will be located in Houzz Germany GmbH (Gontardstraße 11, 10178 Berlin), in a modern and stylish facility just few meters from the Fernsehturm!  All the course has been organized by the brand True Italian (the network dedicated to real Italian diners in Berlin), the gastronomic project Roma Food (street food project closed to the opening of a restaurant in Berlin) and Houzz.

How to make pasta “fresca”. How to cut and cook properly vegetables. How to use rice as starter or even as dessert. These are just few of the things you will learn during the 4 appointments workshop. You will experiment with different spice blends and ingredients how to create new flavour combinations or you will take one ingredient and challenge yourself to prepare it in different ways, from the first course to the dessert. Moreover, you won’t use meat and fish, so that all the dishes will be also for vegetarians.


The course is addressed to who loves cooking and would like to improve his skills, saving time and avoiding wastes and promoting the taste of each element or recipe prepared. Every class will focus on a specific topic:  

Lesson 1: The basis (“Soffritto” –  Broth – Sauces – Food conservation)

Lesson 2: Pasta (Gnocchi – Pasta lunga – Ravioli and Pasta Ripiena – Pasta secca)

Lesson 3: Rice (Risotto – Supplì – Sartù – Salad rice)

Lesson 4: Dessert (Tiramisù – Mousse – Biscuits – Apple pie)

The first aim of this course is to teach recipes that don’t include meat or fish (for these recipes other lessons will take place in the future). At the end of each class a summary of what has been explained will be given. The language of the course is English, with the possibility of an immediate translation into Italian. The maximum number of participants is 16.


Alex Maiorano started peeling potatoes with his grandmother at her family restaurant in Italy as a child and has not stopped cooking since! He received his diploma from the Gambero Rosso cooking school in Rome at the age of 19.
He has since worked as a chef in Germany, England and Australia. Alex believes that what makes a truly unforgettable dish is ingredients, love and patience.

Fabio Petrella grown up in a family of pasta producers, immediately dedicated himself to gastronomy. Graduated at the Niko Romito’s Chef School in 2015, he was selected by the Michelin-starred Chef to work in his team alongside with great professionals.
After this experiences, he moved to Denmark where he understood how cooking and food bring different cultures together.
Even if you don’t know someone, you understand a lot about people just by watching them cook.


A large and beautiful kitchen full of tables and cooking materials in front the TV Tower. Houzz is an amazing company specialized in interior design, their kitchen represents their taste at the best.


160 € for all the course: materials, ingredients and dinners are included.
The course has limited spots, only 16. You can reserve your spot sending an email to

Cooking like a Chef

Each Tuesday from January 22nd 2019,

Number of classes: 4

From 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Price: 160 € (ingredients, tools and dinner all included)

Registration: info@berlinoschule.com

Maximum number of participants: 16

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